ADHD/Executive Functioning Coaching
7-session live-interview webinar
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When conventional methods of parenting fail, adopting a Calm and Connected approach can be the key to success.

  • Are you worried that your child might fall short of their potential?
  • Are you concerned that your actions might hinder your child from realizing their maximum capabilities?
  • Does your home feel like a place of constant chaos and disarray?
  • Do you face significant hurdles in parenting a child with ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), or Executive Functioning Challenges?
  • What would be different if you had more tools to help set boundaries, motivate your child, and stay calm while trying to support them?


Learn the tools and strategies to bring about lasting, systemic change in parenting a child with ADHD, ODD, Executive Function challenges or other behavioral challenges!

SESSION 1Understand the Social & Emotional impact of ADHD and/or Executive Function Challenges on Learning, Motivation, Behavior, & the Family System
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SESSION 2Remaining Calm & Connected
SESSION 3Improving Communication
SESSION 4Encouraging Collaboration
SESSION 5Achieving Clarity & Consistency
SESSION 6Establishing Effective Consequences
SESSION 7Making Better Choices

A Note from Bella

As a parent myself, I understand that it is natural to have concerns about raising children and ensuring they reach their full potential, especially when your child experiences struggles with ADHD, Executive Function, ODD, or any other social-emotional or behavioral challenge. Parenting is stressful but even with these challenges, It's important to remember that parenting is a complex and demanding task, and mistakes are inevitable. What's important is to acknowledge these mistakes, learn from them, and make a continuous effort to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for your child's growth and development. I will help you develop the strategies and the confidence to support parenting a child without enabling and learn how to motivate without relying on rewards and punishments.

You Will Learn to

Reduce the arguing, stress, and defiance. Increase your child's self-motivation and confidence. Build your child's resilience, flexibility, grit, & perseverance. Improve your child's trust and connection with you so they will talk with you instead of at you. Help your child reach their full potential. Bring back peace to your relationship.

"Parenting is difficult in itself, on top of all the other challenges life brings. We need a community of support to help us through. I see the challenges that children bring as opportunities to support the growth of social-emotional competence so they have the tools to reach their potential. Parents are the number one resource to help with this growth, when we ourselves have the tools and space to do so"

What is executive function?

  • Executive Function: The Center for Mental Control and Self- Regulation: Often referred to as the CEO or the orchestra conductor of the brain.
  • Domains of Executive Function
    • Task Initiation/ Activation - the ability to begin a task without undue procrastination
    • Working memory - the ability to keep multiple bits of information in mind and apply them to a task
    • Planning and organizing - creating and prioritizing order an structure
    • Processing speed - the time it takes to process and respond
    • Attention - the ability to sustain focus for tasks that are challenging or uninteresting
    • Flexible thinking - the ability to take feedback and adapt
    • Emotional regulation - managing frustration and modulating emotions
    • Self-monitoring - using "self-talk" to monitor and regulate one;s behavior and direct future actions
  • Challenges in one or more of these areas will make it difficult to maintain the requirements of “doing life”, at any age

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Calm & Connected© 7-Session Series

$490 for one parent

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Calm & Connected© 7-Session Series

$620 for both parents

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Is it necessary for both parents to join the workshop series?

When two people are involved in parenting a challenging child, the approach and philosophy they each take must support one another. While each parent doesn't need to participate in the Workshop Series, the opportunity for both to hear firsthand and explore the challenging issues with me is highly beneficial and recommended.

As a participant in the workshop, are there any handouts to follow along with the presentation?

Each session includes handouts and follow-up emails with additional resources to support you.

What is the benefit of joining the live Parent Coaching Workshop Series?

Being a parent of a challenging child can sometimes feel very isolating. Friends and family members may be well-meaning, but without experiencing the daily problems and difficulties you and your child face, their support and guidance may fall short. Learning and sharing with other parents allows you to create meaningful connections with others who can understand and help you as you travel your parenting journey.

What happens if I must miss a live session?

Bella will work with you to get the missed class made up.

If I need additional support, is that available as well?

Yes, Bella has her own ADHD Parent Coach Academy where she trains professionals who can work one-on-one with you.

Are Parent Coaching Workshops appropriate for single parents, grandparents, or other guardians?

Yes. Single parents find it especially valuable to have other parents to share concerns with and to learn from. Any grandparents or other guardians who are significant caregivers will benefit from the knowledge this workshop provides. And the child will benefit by having everyone educated and in agreement regarding the child's care.

Is this offered in any other languages?

Not at this time but is being worked on for future workshops

I am not available on the date listed. How often is this workshop offered?

This workshop is offered several times a year or Bella is available for 1:1 parenting coaching through the series.

Prices, Dates & Times

All classes are live and interactive webinars using Zoom



12nd, 19th, 26th


2nd, 9th, 16th



9:30 am Mountain / 11:30 am Eastern with Andrea Elrom



7th, 14th, 21st, 28th


11th, 18th, 25th

9 am Mountain / 11 am Eastern with Michelle Midgette



4th, 11th, 18th, 25th


2nd, 9th, 16th



5 pm Mountain / 7 pm Eastern with Andrea Elrom

Session 1: $55

7 session series: $490 or 2 payments of $270

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  • If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) you may be able to use that for coaching sessions. Please check with your account provider. Coaching is not covered by health insurance.
  • Coaching sessions are held virtually via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.
  • Direct coaching is reinforced by scheduled check-in appointments by email or text. Dealing with challenges and results between sessions accelerates awareness and skill building while emphasizing accountability and encouragement. Check-ins create continuity and bonding.